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Turn your musical talent into profit. Become a music coach and increase your income by producing and selling 1-to-1 Masterclass Coaching

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become a music influener

Music can change people’s lives. As a musician you can easily influence and inspire your followers to learn new musical skills or to develop their music career by sharing your expertise as a teacher, coach, expert and mentor. Help aspiring musicians to reach their goals.

Earn money on your musical talent

Increase your income. Earn money on your musical performance skills by turning your social media followers into paying music students. Get paid every time a student purchases your masterclasses. 


Teach, coach and consult in music by selling virtual masterclass coaching. Easily and quickly produce innovative and interactive workshops or jam sessions for your music students around the world. You do your own lesson planning and set your own schedule. 

social network musically

Music connects communities and grows music leaders. Join our community to empower music creators. Together we can grow a sustainable and thriving music ecosystem.

How it works

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Create your professional music coach profile

Set up an eye catching profile that shows off your music skills and experience by using images, text and video introductions. 

Virtual masterclass coaching

Choose your topics and plan your classes in advance. Explore your creativity and coach the way you want, even in multiple languages.

Market and earn money from each sold class.

Focus on your students learning instead of handling booking and payments. Get paid instantly after each sold course.

The modern artist is a Musicpreneur

Covid-19 has changed the music industry. Stay ahead of the future of work shift of working from home. Increase your income through your musical talent. Fine tune your musical talents and bring the joy of music to communities around the world by teaching music.

Earn money by coaching aspiring musicians via KOOATI

Make a global musical impact by 1-to-1 virtual coaching 
masterclasses to aspiring musicians around the world.

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