by Monetising the Music Industry and Spreading Music Knowledge

KOOATI makes it possible for professional musicians to easily produce and market their own online music courses and live sessions, and for aspiring musicians to access these sessions to learn and to advance their music skills. Our educational marketplace offers valuable music courses to our users around the world.  

Impact other people’s lives by coaching your musical passion to aspiring musicians around the world.

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic a team of Swedish entrepreneurs joined forces to support artists and musicians to monetise their performances. We share a passion for music and have experience in the fields of marketing, event and artist management and musictech. The global pandemic has caused artists to face financial strains and uncertainty. Most gigs and concerts have been cancelled, which is the main income for most artists and musicians.

KOOATI is a musictech company tackling the challenge to elevate online music education. We are developing a fair, profitable, and thriving music ecosystem around music coaching by transforming real-time virtual live music educations that are connecting professional musicians with aspiring musicians in a more interactive and learning-oriented way than ever before.

Our mission is to build a global collection of artists and musicians to turn them into Musicpreneurs. KOOATI offers a fair monetisation platform and connects professional musicians to aspiring musicians to sell the ultimate music learning experiences. Our vision is to empower music healing by make online music learning accessible to all.

Behind KOOATI is the Serial Entrepreneur & Soundtech Scientist Jasmine Moradi who is  working towards increasing the value of music so that artists receive the fair share of the economic value they create in our society. She is known in the music industry for having conducted the world’s biggest scientific in-store music research reports with her ex-colleagues at Soundtrack Your Brand. 

Piano Course

By connecting musicians to aspiring musicians all over the world, KOOATI is determined to support artist to turn their passion into profit and to help aspiring musicians to reach their goals and pursue their musical dreams by learning from their peers.

Why become an Music Coach?

As a professional musician you have skills that you can share with the world and turn your musical passion into profit. KOOATI offers musicians 90 %* commission. If you invite 10 musicians that sign up and creates a course that month you will make 100% of your sales that month.
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How to Start

- Sign up to become a music coach
- Set up your profile
- Create your courses
- Set prices
- Start selling them to your followers
- Coach enrolled paying students your skills
- Earn money after each sold course
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KOOATI is an online music education marketplace connecting professional musicians with aspiring musicians worldwide.

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