Connect and share knowledge

Meet and engage with like-minded artists and musicians. The KOOATI platform enables musicians and music students around the world to connect directly. Use our network platform to build strong relationships, support each others music careers and spread musical knowledge and learnings between one another.

Music coaching and learning has as never been more fun. It is like going back to school with your best friends.. The KOOATI platform enables you to send friend requests, follow updates, send both private and group messages to one another. Encourage each others musical progress and goals by posting cheerful messages with photos, GIFs, and emojis. 

Create an outstanding profile

Tell the world about your musical skills. Everything on KOOATI revolves around selling music courses and learning new musical skills within the community.

Your music coach profile says everything about who you are. Use the platform to showcase your passion, musical background, teaching skills  and life experiences to attract students to enroll in your online courses. Build trust and loyalty in the community. Become an expert in your musical field.

Your music student profile showcases  your level of learned skills, achievements and certificates. 

Sell Interactive Courses and Face-To-Face Live Sessions via Zoom

Produce fun and interactive classes

Create and sell individual or multiple courses easily by producing the course and setting your own prices. Easily launch and market your online classes to your social media followers and community with one click. 

Create and mix fun e-learning experience for your students. Customize your courses with as many lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments as you want. There’s no limit to the flexibility of your learning environment.

See reports as students are going through your course content. View and download user course progress and quiz results.

Your students can submit assignments in lessons or topics. You can auto-approve assignments or manually approve and award points for the assignments. You can also leave private feedback on each assignment for the learner to see.

Social group learning with live classes

Learn together. You can bring knowledge sharing in real-time betweens students through forums and discussions to create a unique collaborative learning environment.  Publish and organize public, private or hidden music learning groups with separate activity feeds and discussion forums. Use these groups to build a network around your favorite music course. Music students can co-create and co-learn. 

Transform traditional face-to-face meetings into meaningful virtual experiences. On KOOATI you can sell and deliver online content, live training, and meetings using Zoom. Create and host Zoom meetings within your social groups, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, watch recordings, and more. Schedule live classes within your music groups and manage virtual classes more efficiently.

Offer Private, 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentoring
to Your Students

Increase engagement and value through private 1 on 1 coaching session

As a online music coach you can now easily offer valuable private 1 on 1 coaching obtaining the traditional learning environment. Our private sessions feature allows you to sell personal coaching and mentoring through your online course to music students around the world from the comfort of your home.

Self directed learning is great, but learners are willing to pay more for personalized coaching and direction. With Private Sessions you can command higher prices!

Share Class Documentation and Take On-Site Notes

Upload and Share Any File Type

You can share can any file type such as images, audio, videos, spreadsheets, presentations directly with your students via activity feed or social groups.  You can opt to allow or disallow specific uploading of any file extensions.

Yuu can set privacy for your personal learnings documents and social group documents. All documents uploaded within a group will respect the privacy settings of the social group you have set. Forget about accidentally sharing files with the wrong students.


All notes in one place

Successful learners are happy learners. You can easily improve the engagement and retention of your online learnings through our own on-site note taking feature.

Become a musicpreneur

Coach aspiring musicians and earn 90 %* commission on each sold music class and session

As a professional musician you have skills that you can share with the world and turn your musical passion into profit. KOOATI offers musicians 90 % commission. If you invite 10 musicians that sign up and creates a course that month you will make 100% of your sales that month.

*minus transaction fee of 3% per transaction.

KOOATI is an online music education marketplace connecting professional musicians with aspiring musicians worldwide.

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